my friends + music

Hey everyone,

So, two things here – one I should’ve done a long time ago, and one that I’m doing now, as I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

First of all, anyone with an internet connection should head on over to Coach House Sounds – it’s a Daytrotter-esque site with a focus on local Chicago musicians/ensembles (and occasionally, some fine folks that are passing through town with some time to kill before or after a show); Doug Leinen, a friend of mine, engineers all the sessions to analog tape. I haven’t heard all of the sessions on that they’ve done, so if you’re new to the site, I’d recommend the sets by DRMWPN, Lake, Boomsnake, The Lesser Birds of Paradise, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Push – they’re all kinds of awesome. Seriously. Get there.

Secondly, my friend Josh recently released an album on the netlabel, Xynthetic. White Digital is the project name, and Axis1 is the album – you can grab it here, and I recommend you do so – it’s five songs of alternatingly peaceful and unsettling ambience, mixed with some synth drones and glitchy programmed drums (or “melodic emotional-state IDM”, if you will – so sayeth the label). Seriously. Get this, too.

Both Xynthetic and Coach House Sounds are now affixed to the front page of this blog, so if you like what you hear, keep coming back!


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