APOSTLE OF HUSTLE – Eats Darkness (2009)

Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness Hey. So. There’s this band from Canada called Broken Social Scene. They kick ass. Also, they’ve had anywhere from 18 to 23 members over the past few years. And some of these members have other bands; some of these band kick an equal amount of ass (Stars, Metric), some are a bit more recognized (Feist) in the musical community, while others still are more obscure – that last one fits Apostle of Hustle, the solo project of BSS (lead?) guitarist Andrew Whiteman, like a glove. Whiteman released his first effort as Apostle of Hustle (Folkloric Feel) in 2004. That album, (and the follow-up, 2007’s National Anthem of Nowhere) were angular collections of pop that were most memorable for their density (an unusual, but not entirely uncommon, thing for pop music).

Eats Darkness is also chock full of dense Canadian pop, but Whiteman here pulls things back a bit, and occasionally presents us with songs that are comparatively simpler (Blackberry, Eazy Speaks) than his typical fare, but which are every bit as enjoyable as his denser songs are. Ordinarily, such an expansion of one’s musical horizons would be a commendable thing, but here, the juxtapositions don’t really work all that well. Worse yet, the album contains several profane-ridden, sample-centric interludes that feel terribly out of place (come to think of it, I’m not really all that sure they’d fit in anywhere).

If you’re into Broken Social Scene, Apostle of Hustle are definitely worth getting into, but I don’t know if I’d start with Eats Darkness; while it’s far from a bad album, it’s not as cohesive as the earlier ones. Typically, I’d expound a bit more information for you here, but really, that’s about all there is to say about that.


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