THE PROPHECY – Into The Light (2009)

The Prophecy - Into The Light When you’re dealing with a sub-genre that’s as labyrinthine as doom metal is, the first question one needs to ask i where, exactly, do The Prophecy fit into the doom spectrum? Do they deal in world funeral dirges like Skepticism, or do they fashion homicidal, resin-caked nightmares like Acid Bath? Do they invoke the apocalypse and all its glory, like Esoteric? Rattle the soul like Sunn O))? Worship a boundless stream of terminal gloom like My Dying Bride? Or do they do none of these things? If you answered “yes” to that last question, congratulations! Your ability to spot a band that mixes Morgion’s lacerating weight with the stripped-down sorrow of Anathema’s Judgement is extraordinarily commendable. Give yourself a pat on the back.

No, that’s not a typo. The Prophecy’s sound is really like that. It doesn’t sound as though it would work all that well on paper, but the band manage push their seemingly conflicting duality to near Opethian levels of greatness. The one thing holding the band back from such a revered metal plateau is that their lyrics are sometimes often too insipid be wrought through such wonderful compositions. Still, the music itself more than makes up for the lack of poetics; it’d be wrong to deny the beauty of songs like Echoes or Hope just because they contain prose that’s a bit pedestrian. I was a huge fan of Cloud Cult’s Feel Good Ghosts from last year, another album that possessed sub-par lyrics, but when you’re listening to music that’s capable of holding your interest in spite of its flaws, that’s when you know that you’re dealing with something special.

I previous cited the new My Dying Bride album earlier in this review, and I must say, I prefer Into The Light over it. Doom fans should definitely check this out. It’s the first unique approach to doom that I’ve heard in a good long while.


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