CROCODILES – Summer of Hate (2009)

Crocodiles - Summer of Hate You know, it pains me to have to bring up the failure of Wavves again, but when a band’s musical vision is as frighteningly scattershot and empty as Wavves’ is, well, it’s a good point of reference. Anyways, the following summation will (Lord willing) be the last time I have to reference the double-/triple-v project this year. So here goes.

In my review of the band’s two albums, I concluded that, essentially, all that they’re really doing is ravaging some very ordinary songs via the two albums’ no-fi production, and that I couldn’t really care less. Now that that’s out of the way, I think that Wavves would do well to take in the music of their fellow FatPossum labelmates Crocodiles, a band who’re tapping the same wellspring as them for inspiration, but whose songs are more sonically dexterous, more musically perspicacious, more jaggedly energetic, and ultimately, more alive. Summer of Hate is, quite simply, everything I wished that Wavves would be, but are not.

“So, what’s the deal with Crocodiles, and how come I’ve never heard of them before?”, you ask. Well, because the band (which consists of former members of the now defunct and criminally under-appreciated punk band The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower) just released Summer of Hate (their debut album) today. That answer your question? Good. So, musically, the band call to mind the pop era of decades past, but they alternate between playing their melodies and eviscerating them under a tidal wave of distortion and layers of guitar pedal haze. What’s more, the band’s (generally) cheery music is belied by their lyrics and song titles (the album, which again is called Summer of Hate, features songs like I Wanna Kill, Refuse Angels and Young Drugs). All this makes for an album that’s as fascinating as it is strangely unsettling.

If you’re at all into this whole new crop of lo-fi acts, Crocodiles are a band that you absolutely have to check out. Whether or not they’re the best thing to come from this lo-fi revival is admittedly debatable, but should you favor No Age or Vivian Girls over them, you’re still bound to love Summer of Hate; in case you’re unaware, that right there is called a win-win situation. So get behind it. Yeah.

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  1. […] performances. After they disbanded, the members went their separate ways. Some of them wound up in Crocodiles. Bassist Willy Graves, sadly, passed away in September of 2008. And drummer Brian Hill found his […]

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