MY DYING BRIDE – For Lies I Sire (2009)

My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire For better or worse, My Dying Bride remains the only band in the UK death/doom holy trinity (Anathema, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride – now that’s a godhead!) to have not strayed too far from their roots; they haven’t delved into bleak, acoustic minimalism like Anathema have, and they also haven’t taken a sojourn into synth-laden industrial dance music as Paradise Lost did. No, My Dying Bride have, more or less, remained on the same trajectory, and they’ve been quite successful with it. For Lies I Sire is the band’s tenth studio album, and while it doesn’t quite match the eloquence or the terminal woe of Turn Loose The Swans or The Angel and The Dark River, it’s a fine entry into the band’s sorrowful canon, and if it does nothing else, it proves that My Dying Bride know well enough not to fix what isn’t broken.

If you’ve heard a My Dying Bride album, you know full well what to expect: mid-tempo doom that’ll sometimes switch gears to a higher tempo, Aaron Stainthorpe’s speak/sing vocal delivery (his elongated enunciation calls to mind Scott Walker, were he to have been stuffed full of mood stabilizers and then forced to sing), the occasional death growl, and lots and lots of gloom. Of course, there are a few notable exceptions, chief among these being the band’s use of violin in some of the songs. It’s a nice touch most of the time, though there are a few spots where the tone of the violin sounds manipulated somehow, and it takes a little bit to figure out what instrument is actually making that sound.

My Dying Bride are a band who have been enormously influential in the metal scene, and they’ve never released an album that’s disappointed me to date. So, if you’re a metal fan, and have somehow managed to not know who My Dying Bride are over these least 19 years, well…you know what to do. I don’t have to spell it out.


2 Responses to “MY DYING BRIDE – For Lies I Sire (2009)”

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