KYLESA – Static Tensions (2009)

Kylesa - Static Tensions Kylesa are a metal band that are bound to explode. Mark my words, they’ll eventually be about as big as society permits metal bands to be. Which is to say, nowhere close to a household name, but not simply confined to the shelves of Hot Topic, either. There have been many metal bands who’ve made this populist trek as of late, and most of them have fared rather well with it. Case in point: Mastodon. Yes, it’s true that Blood Mountain lacked some of the fury of their earlier albums, but they made up for it by launching their music off of jagged prog mountaintops. Now, that was three years ago, and with their new album Crack The Skye just a week away (expect a review), we’ll see what course they chart next. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kylesa were to follow in their footsteps.

Literally, of course, they already are; the band is opening for Mastodon on the current leg of their new tour. And if Static Tensions is any indication, they’ll probably be doing it figuratively as well (just as I predicted; you can say you saw it here first!). On the first listen, Static Tensions reminds me a lot of The Sword’s first album, Age of Winters, except it’s got more drive (and more heaviness) to it. It’s mostly a mid-tempo affair, though it does occasionally speed things up a bit (like in the opener, Scapegoat). It’s impressive, not because it’s new in spirit, but because it channels it’s spirit so well.

But how will this stack up against the other metal albums of 2009 come year’s end? After looking honestly at the album, I’m not sure; I’m not even sure as to how well it’ll stacks up against material from similar, more seasoned bands like High On Fire. But Static Tensions has energy to spare, and a classic, mid-1990’s heaviness to it that you don’t hear often enough nowadays. So, if you’re interested in finding the midpoint between, say, Wolfmother and Disfear, look no further.


4 Responses to “KYLESA – Static Tensions (2009)”

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