BURIED INSIDE – Spoils of Failure (2009)

Buried Inside - Spoils of Failure Although their music is only casually related, Buried Inside might very well turn out to be the heirs of Neurosis’ throne. Both bands have a penchant for crafting devastating, hypnotic songs – it’s only in their execution where the musical differences become apparent. Neurosis are more outwardly-focused, creating a deeply unsettling atmosphere with almost every song (there exists no finer example of this than Lost, the brilliant ten-minute opener from Enemy of the Sun). Buried Inside take the opposite approach; they turn inwards, presenting us with music that’s more human, while still being thoroughly visceral.

That sound is on full display on Spoils of Failure, their first album in four years. The band’s previous album, Chronoclast, sounds rather one-dimensional on paper: a concept album centered around how time ruins everybody. Yet Buried Inside managed to dodge every single pitfall that comes along with the ambition to create such an album, and they wound up with a grandiose, multi-faceted masterpiece that managed to meet all the demands of such cerebral material.

Now, I had no idea that the band had a new album in the works (I discovered Spoils of Failure quite unintentionally on amazon), but needless to say, I had to buy it immediately. So, I did. Having just completed my first listen of Spoils of Failure, I don’t quite believe that it’s on the same level as Chronoclast, but it’s goddamn close. The set of eigh untitled songs that comprise the album are simpler than the songs on its lofty predecessor, but it still puts all the bands like Lamb of God and Haste The Day to shame. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what counts?

(Yes, it is).


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