THE LAW AMONG TIGERS – The Law Among Tigers (2009)

The Law Among Tigers - The Law Among Tigers I’m not entirely sure how I wound up on The Law Among Tigers’ Myspace page, but I did – and when I saw that they were offering up their demo for free, I downloaded it, because freely distributed music is always indicative of something. And, for good or ill, I can’t resist finding out what.

Now with a name like The Law Among Tigers, I expected the demo to be in the post-rock vein – something along the lines of Caspian or This Is Your Captain Speaking. It is neither. Instead, The Law Among Tigers provide us with five emo/indie-rockish tunes. Musically speaking, these guys are quite good (considering that this is only a demo) – at times, they recall Chin Up Chin Up with some of their softer guitar work. The slowdown in One Incident Away From Going Postal reminded me of the middle section of Modest Mouse’s Cowboy Dan, while parts of Fear of Heights and Spiders called to mind latter-era dredg.

Unfortunately, the album has a serious weak point: the vocals. All of them, unreservedly. They are a nasally, thin pseudo-emo affair (think of Jim Ward of Sparta, but without his steady bravura), and it sounds horribly out of place. And they shouldn’t. That’s the problem. I mean, were Jim Ward to sing on this album, it’d work. But he isn’t. So, it doesn’t.

Nevertheless, if you can keep the vocals from distracting you, The Law Among Tigers might satisfy on some level or another. Again, this being a demo, it’s hard to fault the band for their flaws, especially given how musically astute the album is. Does the band have a future in music? Yes…but not quite yet.


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