STEVEN WILSON – Insurgentes (2008)

Steven Wilson - Insurgentes Steven Wilson announced Insurgentes last July (although we weren’t exactly sure what it was when he did), and released it in October…well, sort of. With a limited number of copies available (3,000 CD and 1,000 vinyl), the album quickly sold out and became unavailable to most (myself included) almost as suddenly as it had arrived. Thankfully, KScope stepped up and re-released it this past Tuesday, so now anyone with $15 can get their hands on a copy.

The most important thing Insurgentes needs to do is somewhat metaphysical: it needs to justify its own existence. This is, after all, Steven Wilson’s first solo album, and when last I checked, he not only is the prog titan Porcupine Tree, but also half of No-Man, Continuum and Blackfield, as well as (presumably) most of Bass Communion and Incredible Expanding Mindfuck. Does he really need a solo album, or is Insurgentes just the guy from Porcupine Tree playing what are essentially the same songs under yet another moniker? The answer to that last question is a resounding “no.” Insurgentes (all two discs and 80 minutes of it) is dark and aurally hazy; as far as Wilson’s other works go, it bears the most resemblance to early Porcupine Tree albums like Up The Downstair, assuming they were first crossbred with Antimatter and early King Crimson.

So yes, Insurgentes is self-validating, so as a solo album, that automatically makes it a success. But there’s more to it than that. The album also serves to illustrate that Steven Wilson may in fact be that rarest of all musical beasts: one who is as talented as he is prolific.


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