NAPALM DEATH – Time Waits For No Slave (2009)

Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave Napalm Death released Scum in 1987, and have managed to remain steadily prolific since then. Sure, there have been some changes: the band haven’t played actual grindcore (the genre that they themselves pioneered) in years. Their lineup fluctuated heavily before finally stabilizing in 1998. Now, some 22 years after Scum, we have Time Waits For No Slave, the band’s fourteenth (!!) studio album.

I’m sure there are those out there who will balk at that fact, and I can see the seeds of their reasoning: does Napalm Death really need to have fourteen studio albums? I’m not 100% sure, but if you look over their post-2000 catalogue, it’s been more hit than miss (Order of the Leech was particularly excellent, as was the supremely-titled The Code Is Red, Long Live The Code).

So what is there to say about Time Waits For No Slave that hasn’t already been said about Napalm Death at any point in their nearly 30 year history? Not much. Aside from the occasional melodic death metal production tic (listen to the layered vocals in Fallacy Domain), not much. The music is still as pulverizing as ever. Barney Greenway still hangs vigilantly onto his rung of the death metal vocalist ladder, right below former Cryptopsy vocalist Martin Lacrouix and right above whoever does the mic-vomiting in Dying Fetus. And band’s politics certainly haven’t been toned down (as the lyrics to the album’s title track will attest to).

So, if the idea of Napalm Death having fourteen studio albums (while simultaneously being on track to double that) doesn’t alarm you, it might be worth checking out Time Waits For No Slave. Even if you do end up forgetting it somewhere down the line.


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