M. WARD – Hold Time (2009)

M. Ward - Hold Time I purchased M. Ward’s newest album, Hold Time, at a very unlikely location: Target. When it comes to purchasing albums from artists who call Merge Records their home, Target is not your one-stop shop (although, curiously, Target was the same place I purchased She & Him’s Volume One, which featured M. Ward and was also released on Merge).

But that’s merely a digression – one could write a graduate thesis on the commercialization of indie music. So, now on to Hold Time. M. Ward, for the uniniated, specializes in making syrupy alt-country, and Hold Time is no exception to this. No song on the album better exemplifies that than the dreamy and idyllic cover of Don Gibson’s Oh Lonesome Me (which features Lucinda Williams – I say this in part because I feel it is noteworthy and in part because it shows that I’m actually using “alt-country” correctly).

All told, I much prefer Hold Time over, say, Heartless Bastards, but I wonder how well it’ll stand out as the year progresses. Vetiver released the liked-minded Tight Knit on the same day (I’ve got my copy; review coming soon), and Bon Iver’s Blood Bank EP was riding high on the iTunes charts for awhile (I haven’t heard it, but given the quality of For Emma, Forever Ago, it’s bound to be good). I don’t think Hold Time is likely to get lost in 2009, but who knows? It’s only February. Anything’s possible. But let the record show that I’m in M. Ward’s corner.


2 Responses to “M. WARD – Hold Time (2009)”

  1. […] anyone still reading this, yes, I did enjoy Tight Knit – I actually prefer it over M. Ward’s Hold Time, and would recommend it as such. *sigh* – was that really that […]

  2. […] far as recent releases go, Beware puts album’s like M. Ward’s Hold Time and Heartless Bastards’ The Mountain to shame. Depending upon your affinity for Americana […]

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