HEARTLESS BASTARDS – The Mountain (2009)

Heartless Bastards - The Mountain Over the course of The Mountain (the third album from Heartless Bastards), the band call to mind both Black Mountain and The Mountain Goats, as well as Marissa Nadler, Drive-By Truckers and Elizabeth Anka Vajagic. Now, various websites inform me that Heartless Bastards play garage rock, but there’s hardly a trace of it to be found on The Mountain (an album which I purchased off of the recommendation of a friend, having not heard any of the band’s previous material).

There could be numerous reasons as to why this is so. The internet could simply be misinforming me (wikipedia? inaccurate? never!). Or the sound could be due to the lineup change the band underwent (singer Erika Wennerstrom has now been rejoined with original drummer Dave Colvin and semi-original bassist Jesse Ebaugh – or, maybe not; again, wikipedia). I could continue speculating, but it won’t help change the fact that The Mountain is a very scattershot album to listen to. Half the songs on the album are enjoyable, while the other half are DOA. So, go ahead and take a look at the laundry list of artists I named earlier. I think you’d be better off listening to anything by them instead of The Mountain, but if you were to point-blank ask me if you shouldn’t listen to The Mountain, well, I won’t say no.

Or yes.


2 Responses to “HEARTLESS BASTARDS – The Mountain (2009)”

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  2. […] releases go, Beware puts album’s like M. Ward’s Hold Time and Heartless Bastards’ The Mountain to shame. Depending upon your affinity for Americana music, that should be more than enough to see […]

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