CLUE TO KALO – Lily Perdida (2009)

Clue To Kalo - Lily Perdida I haven’t heard Clue To Kalo’s first album, Come Here When You Sleepwalk, but I was rather fond of their next album, 2005’s One Way It’s Every Way (which featured a dreamy collection of multi-layered electro-folk songs; think Múm with waaay more self-control). Lily Perdida kind of snuck up on me; I had no idea what the band where up to, and whilst browsing amazon one day, there it was. Needless to say, I brought it right away.

The concept behind Lily Perdida is that each song tells the story of the titular woman, but from a different point of view. As an album, it’s sometimes livelier than its predecessor (as the two opening songs demonstrate), and it’s sometimes even more relaxed (the song Hail To The Full Release, By The Boy could be a Beach House outtake, were it not for those layered vocals). So, it’s certainly the more diverse of the two albums. As for which one is the better album, well, I’m not quite sure yet. My gut tells me it’s Lily Perdida, but I haven’t had as much time to absorb it as I’ve had for One Way It’s Every Way, so it might be one of those things that time will have to tell.

All told, I’m quite pleased with Lily Perdida; it was definitely worth the four year wait. If you’ve already devoured Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast, I’d say give this album a listen.


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