ANDREW BIRD – Noble Beast (2009)

Andrew Bird - Noble Beast Whereas most folk musicians are content to strum their guitars and whisper pleasantries into the air (a broad but nontheless illustrative generalization), Andrew Bird rocks the hell out of a violin, writes songs about physical paroxsyms, and whistles. A lot. His music has a warm sophistication to it, and though the last few Andrew Bird albums walked a fine line between chamber pop and folk, Noble Beast falls mostly on the folk side of the fence.

Noble Beast is a very pastoral sounding album, and yet, it still has a few moments that would’ve fit nicely into Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs (Most notably in the awesomely-named song, Not A Robot, But A Ghost). Noble Beast, in addition to being another fine entry into Andrew Bird’s canon, is also a reminder that he’s a musician who’s not nearly appreciated as much as he should be. He’s been making consistently excellent music, in some capacity or another, for over a decade (be it from the jazz/swing work he did with his Bowl of Fire band, to his numerous solo albums). Such frequent consistency is a rare thing to find in a musician nowadays, but Andrew Bird makes it all seem effortless. If you’re a newcomer to Andrew Bird, I’d suggest listening to Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs first, but definitely give Noble Beast a listen if you want something that’s a touch lighter.


3 Responses to “ANDREW BIRD – Noble Beast (2009)”

  1. cblakemoore Says:

    Lighter is a great way to put it. But to me, there were really only a few stand out tracks, Not A Robot But A Ghost was definitely one.

  2. monopolyphonic Says:

    Yeah, it certainly isn’t his best album (that honor would go to either Weather Systems or Andrew Bird & Mysterious Production of Eggs), but I enjoyed it for what it was. And yeah, Not a Robot But A Ghost was definitely one of the best songs on the album, if not the best.

  3. Other than your appreciation of Not a Robot, But a Ghost, I whole heatedly disagree with you. This is clearly Bird’s most declarative album yet. If he has not attained his full potential yet, it is only with efforts like Noble Beast that he will get there.

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